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2015 EXPO: Palazzo Italia “wears” i.active BIODYNAMIC

At  the end of April 2015, the last panel of Palazzo Italia has been laid thanks to the commitment of hundreds people, concluding in this way the construction of the iconic heart of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015. Italcementi has provided two thousand tons of biodynamic cement  to build 750 panels, both flat and curved, all with a different design. Each panel - sized about 4x4,2 meters - was assembled to create the outer surface texture, which recalls the shapes of a “petrified forest”, for more than 9 thousand square meters.

Italcementi: Made in Italy innovation and design protagonists in the new Centre Pompidou in Malaga

Trends at the start of 2015 were mixed, with signs of improvement in some emerging countries, substantial stability in North America and competitive pressures on European markets.
The healthy business performance in the first quarter in India, Morocco and Thailand, and the prospects on the American market  justify confirmation of a positive outlook for the full year.


Italcementi and architecture: white concrete for the new venue of Fondazione Prada

The new Milan venue of Fondazione Prada conceived by architecture firm OMA—led by Rem Koolhaas—consists in the redevelopment of an early 20th-century distillery. Striking bright architectural elements are made of a special white concrete by Italcementi.
Characterized by an articulated architectural configuration which combines seven existing buildings with three new structures (Podium, Cinema and Torre), the project is the result of two coexisting conditions: preservation of the old and creation of a new architecture which, although separate, confront each other in a state of permanent interaction.


Swiss architect Angela Deuber wins the third edition of arcVision Prize

Angela Deuber is the winner of the third arcVision Prize - Women and Architecture, an international architecture award for female designers instituted by the Italcementi Group. Angela Deuber is one of the youngest nominees in the year edition of the prize. The jury recognized the directions of her architecture that at the same time successfully synthesized the important aspects of structural construction, judicious use of materials, involvement and concern for the social role of women architects.

Italcementi: Italian Premier Matteo Renzi officially opens new Rezzato production line

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi today officially switched on the new kiln at the Italcementi cement plant in Rezzato, which has undergone an extensive revamp in the last two years to become one of the top-performing plants in Europe from the production and environmental viewpoints.

The AGCM Awards its three-star legality rating to Italcementi

Italy’s Competition & Market Authority (AGCM, Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) has awarded Italcementi its Legality Rating with three stars, the top class in the rating. The Legality Rating is an evaluation of the legal compliance and degree of attention to correct business management of the companies that apply to the Authority for an authoritative independent assessment of their operations.

The new kiln in Devnya has been switched on

 With the activation of the new kiln, operations have begun on the new production line at the Devnya Cement plant, the Italcementi Group’s Bulgarian arm, located near the port of Varna in eastern Bulgaria. The completion of the project will allow the Group to consolidate its operations in Bulgaria, where it also runs the Vulkan grinding center in Dimitrovgrad, and boost its export capacity thanks to its proximity to the port of Varna West, which gives access to all the countries on the Black Sea and on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

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17/06/2015Italcementi and architecture: white concrete for the new venue of Fondazione Prada.
06/05/20152015 EXPO: Palazzo Italia “wears” i.active BIODYNAMIC
31/03/2015Italcementi: Made in Italy innovation and design protagonists in the new Centre Pompidou in Malaga
06/03/2015Swiss architect Angela Deuber wins the third edition of arcVision Prize
05/02/2015The third edition of arcVision Prize - Women and Architecture presented in Milan, at La Triennale

Italcementi signs the "Environmental Protection Pact" with Italian Government

07 July 2009

In the presence of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Gianni Letta, the CEO of Italcementi Group Carlo Pesenti and the Minister of the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo signed a voluntary agreement between the company and the Ministry, called the "Environmental Protection Pact".
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arcVision no. 31 – DIGITAL

arcVision no. 31 is a reflection on the effects of the Digital Revolution in the life of third-millennium man. Is man the winner or the loser? Is technological innovation an extraordinary driver of economic and social growth or a force alienating and depersonalizing the individual? We are witnesses of a transformation in the concept of work and enterprise that requires us to rethink our production and organizational models.

Italcementi Group 2014 Annual Report with Financial Report and Sustainability Disclosure

In conjunction with the Italcementi Group’s Shareholders Meeting, the Annual Report 2014 has been officially released, after a consultation period open to shareholders and stakeholders.

Financial disclosure 2014

Sustainability disclosure 2014

"Regenerating cities and the territory, beginning with the suburbs". Renzo Piano at the Fondazione Italcementi Conference


From examples of cities that have achieved successful regeneration to a reflection on the vital role of innovation in materials and technologies for a new renaissance. A host of interesting ideas from the Italcementi Foundation congress, with Italy’s Minister for Infrastructure & Transport, Maurizio Lupi, concluding the proceedings.

TX Active on the podium at the “Oscar” of innovation

TX Active, the photocatalytic technology patented by Italcementi, has won the second place at the Popular Prize of the European Inventor Award, the so-called “Oscar” of innovation.

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