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Italcementi footprint for Architecture

The Italcementi Group has always paid careful attention to Architecture, as a tool for sustainable transformation of the territory, and to Innovation, as a form of workshop encouraging dialogue among all the players in the building community.

arcVision.org is part of the Italcementi Group’s wider cultural program centered around arcVision, the magazine published since 1997 to create closer ties between corporate culture and architectural culture. Over the years, the program has produced books, exhibitions, conferences, and an international prize for female designers focusing on architectural materials, structures, technologies and systems.

The Italcementi Group’s aim is to flank its industrial operations with a commitment to research and education, promoting the building construction culture as an essential tool to reach levels of operating excellence. In the construction materials sector, this commitment has led to the development of new products with a high environmental value, overcoming the conceptual limit generally placed on cement, regarded as a non-differentiated material lacking added value.

arcVision.org aims at providing a structured method to explore the world of architecture through items, topics, links and categories. A permanent work-in-progress, a notebook for a quick and easy consultation. An invitation to meet and discuss, to step in and contribute in creating a comprehensive system of data collection and knowledge exchange.


"To create value in the building materials sector through the innovative and sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of our communities and clients."

He said...

“A growing number of designers and property owners are requesting sustainable buildings. This is the result of the increasing and widespread awareness about global warming, the reduction in the ozone layer and the lack of natural resources".
Richard Meier

Six-monthly magazine dedicated to high-profile contributions in Industry, Economy and Architecture.

Cement museum

Visit the Cement Museum set up by the Spanish subsidiary FYM in San Sebastian. It features significant architecture and building technology exhibitions.

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