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The RSS system can update you in real time on news released on Italcementi Group.
With this XML-based system for distributing content, you can receive the latest documents webcast on your own computer whenever you want.

The service is free of charge and doesn’t require registration. The service covers news, press release, financial report and presentations.

Rss feed includes the title, summery and internet address (url), thus providing constant, simple and immediate updates.

How it actually works
All you need to access the Rss service is an internet connection and a reader (also known as an aggregator) enabling you to receive Rss channels. Free or subscription readers can be easyly downloaded from the internet, depending on the computer, operating system and browser you have

Italcementi Group RSS:

 Press releases
 Financial presentations

The following readers are both free of charge and easy to instal and use.

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