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arcVision Prize - Women and Architecture
Milano, 8 febbraio 2013

The Italcementi Group is presenting arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture, an international award for women in architecture, to be given to the designers who best interpret the role of the architect through significant civil, residential and services construction projects, particularly in the social, cultural and educational spheres.

"Architects have the potential to play a significant role in addressing society's challenges,” observes Martha Thorne, a member of the arcVision Prize Jury and executive director of the Pritzker Prize. “They are not just makers of form or iconic buildings. Improving the quality of our cities, working on issues of sustainability, contributing to education or suggesting approaches to disaster relief are just some of the areas where architects are useful and valuable. We cannot overlook the talents of women and their many contributions in the past, present, and the ones to come in the future. The arcVision Prize is a very positive program which recognizes and supports the capacity, creativity and many contributions of women architects."

Women have been important players in contemporary architecture for many years, creating projects particularly sensitive to the needs of the individual, to human relationships, to the design of environments molded to their occupants. The Italcementi Group wants to support this trend, making it an essential element of the world of building design. “In recent years,” says Italcementi CEO Carlo Pesenti,“ the Group has paid growing attention to the empowerment of women in the corporate and social environment, a focus matching its long-standing commitment to the building community. The Italcementi Group intends to generate ‘positive discrimination’ toward women in the architectural profession.” The Group aims to be a proactive interpreter of this new positive “excellence” through initiatives highlighting the figure of female designers who bring authentic new qualities in theoretical and practical design to the economic, social and cultural context of architecture.

To mark the institution of the arcVision Prize, Italcementi is presenting a new book covering more than ten years of dialogue with the international design world. The volume entitled MILLENNIUM MEETINGS WITH ARCHITECTURE, edited by Stefano Casciani and published by the arcVision publishing house, recounts the “Millennium Meetings” organized since 1997 as a platform for discussion and an exchange of views between Italcementi, the Italian academic community and the leading international names in contemporary architecture.


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