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trasparent cement 
i.light is a precast concrete panel that can transmit light. Obtained by bonding special resins in an innovative mortar, i.light not only lets natural and artificial light in but also allows seeing images or objects placed behind the panel and creating a surprisingly transparent effect.

i.light is just one of the products resulting from the continued commitment of Italcementi Group to developing innovative solutions for the building construction industry. 

How is it born?

i.light has been created at the request of the architect in charge of designing the Italian Pavilion for Expo Shanghai 2010, who wanted a cementitious material capable of transmitting light.
Italcementi Group developed a completely new material, demonstrating that the building materials industry is only apparently traditional. This product is set to change the typical mindset of those who see walls as darkening elements, enhancing their value as an innovative way to transmit light.

The panel developed for Shanghai

First realization

The Italian Pavilion for Expo Shanghai 2010 is the first building ever made with i.light

3,774 transparent panels of i.light have been produced and used to cover a total surface of 1,887 sq. m., amounting to about 40% of the Pavilion’s entire shell. The effect was to create a sequence of light and shade constantly changing
throughout the day.

Application of the panels

is a versatile panel suitable for non-structural application on a substructure.

Like all other Italcementi Group products, i.light can be formulated by adding TX Active, the innovative phtocatalytic principle, developed and patented by Italcementi Group, for cement-based products.


 i.light® brochure
Technical dossier

 i.light video

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Italcementi partner of Graphene Flagship Project

Italcementi has been selected to take part in the Graphene Flagship Project Consortium, one of the most important research projects ever launched in Europe on the development of new material technologies. The research activities will see the participation of Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Bologna.
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