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From the "Opening" of Palazzo Italia to the international market: biodynamic cement is now a global product
Milano, 10 September 2015

A beautiful cement to see and touch. A sustainable, durable, resistant material which has great visual quality and is ready to be used in architecturally prestigious works such as Palazzo Italia at Expo 2015. Italcementi’s research and innovation skills have led to conceive a new material for sustainable architecture: i.active BIODYNAMIC. A unique product in its properties and features, which is now ready for the market.

A global event to launch a new product Italcementi presented its new cement mortar during a global event that took place today in the auditorium of Palazzo Italia with the participation of delegations from four continents. Many representatives of the building community have come to Milan to get to know this product, find out about its features and see its first experimental application: the outstanding external structure and the internal façades of Palazzo Italia, designed by Nemesi & Partners to become the iconic place of Expo 2015 Milan.

«From the silver medal at 1876 Expo in Paris, through to the international success of the Italian Pavilion in transparent cement, the symbol of Expo Shanghai 2010, to the new biodynamic cement that characterizes Palazzo Italia in Expo Milano 2015: Universal Exhibitions have been historically connected to Italcementi based on innovation – said Carlo Pesenti, CEO of Italcementi -. Also a “traditional” industry like that of building materials can renew and offer new opportunities to the building community. Our research projects lead to performances and solutions thanks to which the ideas of architects and engineers can take shape and create very beautiful buildings, like Palazzo Italia».
The Italian pavilion is a building visited by thousands of tourists every day and is one of the most photographed of the whole Universal Exhibition.

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