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Italcementi Group 2015 Annual Report provides financial statements and Sustainability Disclosure
April 2016

Financial disclosure 2015

Sustainability disclosure 2015

In conjunction with the Italcementi Group Shareholders’ Meeting, the 2015 Annual Report has been officially released, after a consultation period open to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Since 2012, financial and non-financial disclosure has been presented in a single document: the Annual Report, a document reviewed by third parties and filed with the statutory authorities, which reflects the Group’s vision and reports on its business, environmental and social performance. The Italcementi Group has presented a consolidated sustainability report since 2002.

Accordingly, the traditional financial indicators illustrated in the Annual Report are now accompanied by a number of non-financial indicators: gender equality as an indicator of business inclusiveness; workplace safety as an ethical and managerial indicator; carbon emissions as an integrated industrial efficiency indicator; innovation as a major driver for market differentiation.

Key statements and performance indicators are subject to third-party review in accordance with specific rules of consolidation, international best practice and rigorous internal procedures, to ensure a high level of representation and coverage of the scope of Group operations. Unless otherwise specified, the Sustainability Disclosure covers all the business activities under the Group’s operational control at the end of 2015, with data consolidated at 100% for the period under review.

Furthermore, the 2015 consolidation strove to improve the completeness, materiality, reliability, balance and conciseness of the Sustainability Disclosure, by structuring the content in line with Group priorities and the growing expectations of the wider community. The reading experience has also been improved through the integration of the document with the additional information on the corporate website www.italcementigroup.com


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